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Keep your copy of PUP up-to-date

The goal is to make every component of PUP v6 error-free and accurate. Free bug fixes and updated files are available from this page. These files will not work unless you have PUP v6 installed (either the Licensed Version or the Trial Version).

Installing an update file

  1. Right-click the link in the Update File column and save the file to your hard drive.
  2. Make sure Excel is not running.
  3. Copy the file to your \pup6 directory. By default, this is directory is c:\program files\pup6.
  4. When you re-start Excel, PUP will use the updated file.
Update File Version What Was Corrected
Currency Conversion 6.4 Uses a new (and more reliable) data source for the currency rates. This update requires replacing two files. They are both in the currency.zip file. This update also corrects the VBA password (for those who purchased the source code).
Updated on 17-Mar-07.
Enhanced Shortcut Menus 6.1 Two menu items on chart-related shortcut menus were not deleted when PUP's Enhanced Shortcut Menus were turned off. This update corrects the problem.
Updated on 12-Aug-05.
PUP Date Picker Toolbar 6.1 Fixes a problem with incorrect dates when using the 'Week starts on Monday' option and the first day of the month is a Sunday.
Updated on 11-May-05
PUP Help File 6.1 Fixes a problem with the PUP v6 Help file Contents: Chart Report was listed twice.
Updated on 06-Jan-05
PUP Options 6.2 Fixes the "380 Error" that may occur when you attempt to view or change the PUP Options. Fixes the problem of the Options dialog box not displaying all the PUP utilities that are currently loaded.
Updated on 20-Dec-04, and 18-Mar-05.
Range Randomize Utilities 6.1 Fixes the compile error when using the 'Select cell(s) at random' option.
Updated on 19-Dec-04.
Data Validation Report 6.1 Eliminates the error that occurs if a data validation cell is merged with one or more other cells that do not contain data validation.
Updated on 19-Dec-04.
Conditional Formatting Report 6.1 When generating a report for the active sheet only, the sheet name in the report may not correspond to the original worksheet name.
Updated on 18-Dec-04.
Create a PUP Toolbar 6.1 Some of the toolbar buttons opened the wrong utility.
Updated on 17-Dec-04.

About version numbers

Each PUP utility is stored in a separate *.pup file. To find out the version number of a particular PUP v6 utility, locate the *.pup file in an Explorer window. Right-click the file name and select Properties. In the Properties dialog box, click the Summary tab. The version number is listed in the Keywords field. The version number for the initial release of PUP v6 is Version 6.0. Updated files will have a later version number.

Report a problem

If you discover a problem in PUP v6, please use e-mail to report it. Describe the problem and the steps required to reproduce it. The problem will be corrected and an updated file will be available here.