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Author: Walkenbach, John

ISBN: 076454800X

Publisher: M&T Books, 2001, 820 pp., List price $39.95 (US)

Includes: CD-ROM

Status: Available

Target Reader: This book is intended for intermediate to advanced Excel users who want to learn more about creating effective formulas of all types.

Comments: This is a revision of the best-selling Excel 2000 Formulas, updated for Excel 2002. It includes several new chapters that deal with financial formulas. These chapters were contributed by Norman Harker. The book contains many examples, most of which are available on the companion CD-ROM. In addition, the CD-ROM includes an electronic version of the book. 

NOTE: This book contains a coupon for a $30 discount for Power Utility Pak


Table of Contents

Part I: Basic Information

  • Chapter 1. Excel in a Nutshell
  • Chapter 2. Basic Facts About Formulas
  • Chapter 3. Working With Names

Part II: Using Functions in Your Formulas

  • Chapter 4. Introducing Worksheet Functions
  • Chapter 5. Manipulating Text
  • Chapter 6. Working With Dates and Times
  • Chapter 7. Counting and Summing Techniques
  • Chapter 8. Lookups
  • Chapter 9. Databases and Lists
  • Chapter 10. Miscellaneous Calculations

Part III: Financial Formulas

  • Chapter 11. Introducing Financial Formulas
  • Chapter 12. Discounting and Depreciation Financial Formulas
  • Chapter 13. Advanced Uses of Financial Formulas and Functions

Part IV: Array Formulas

  • Chapter 14. Introducing Arrays
  • Chapter 15. Performing Magic With Array Formulas

Part V: Miscellaneous Formula Techniques

  • Chapter 16. Intentional Circular References
  • Chapter 17. Charting Techniques
  • Chapter 18. Pivot Tables
  • Chapter 19. Conditional Formatting and Data Validation
  • Chapter 20. Creating Megaformulas
  • Chapter 21. Tools and Methods For Debugging Formulas

Part VI: Developing Custom Worksheet Functions

  • Chapter 22. Introducing VBA
  • Chapter 23. Function Procedure Basics
  • Chapter 24. VBA Programming Concepts
  • Chapter 25. VBA Custom Function Examples


  • A. Working With Imported 1-2-3 Files
  • B. Excel Function Reference
  • C. Using Custom Number Formats
  • D. Additional Excel Resources
  • E. What's on the CD-ROM