Tree Puns

Posted on the J-Walk Blog. April, 2011

John Walkenbach posted a photo of a tree that appeared to be holding a sign.

wally the duck - The poor sap. At least he's not a rootless wanderer, though the family has apparently gone to seed. I hope he is able to leave this Spring.

J-Walk - If you're trying to turn this into one of those stupid pun threads, you're barking up the wrong tree.

wally the duck - Branch out? Of course knot! I'm not a dumb ash.

J-Walk - What did you say that fir? I wooden have expected such words from you. I'm stumped.

wally the duck - Besides, I think that sign is a fake. Probably planted by some board kids. Somebody ought to call the copse.

ElMoney - He'll have to pine a while longer.

Headgames - I know you saw this coming, John. You axed for it. The whole thing seems pretty shady to me.

HumanMage80 - Yew just can't beat a good pun thread - they're always poplar. They really spruce up the comments section.

Gary - I'm rooting for him.

Bisbonian - Oak can't yew guys stop it!

mmmark - He's failed before, but I think he maple this one out.

J-Walk - I'm getting sycamore and more of these stupid puns.

PunnyMe - Then turn off commenting, it's your deciduous.

J-Walk - You've been drinking, right? You sound like you're trunk.

PunnyMe - Tree bien! You got to the root of the problem. I'll leave now. Sometimes I can't cedar forest for the trees. But when that tree packs it's trunk and lumbers off, and I'm going out on a limb here, it will be a grass roots movement.

J-Walk - I'm in awe of your punnery. I'd give you a prize, but I don't have one. I willow you one.

PunnyMe - Thank yew.

J-Walk - You're welcome. Next time I see you, I'll buy you acacia wine. You don't even have to grease my palm. You can drink it at the beech.

PunnyMe - With fronds like you, who needs anemones? I'll see you sometime in the fushsia.

csi - You all came out of the woodwork for this one. Yucca.

mmmark - Some of these puns are so old I sawdust on them. I'm knot joking.

wormpicker - Darn! I missed this whole discussion, and now I'm too bushed to o-pine with anything good. Time for me to go for rest and saw some logs--gotta leave.

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