Pig Puns

Posted on Google Plus. March, 2012

John Walkenbach posted a photo of a pig shirt: I'd wear this shirt, but not every day. That would be a boar.

Steve Schuller - It's a porcine of of the times to see such slop.

John Walkenbach - Sow what are you saying?

Jean Provost - It's snout my style.

John Walkenbach - Just relax, Jean. Have a glass of swine. But don't hog it all. Save some for Mr. Provost.

Steve Schuller - I hope the world doesn't get littered with these things.

John Walkenbach - If it does, it's your fault. I hope you feel the gilt.

Steve Schuller - I wonder if the backside has another pig... butt maybe it's best to not know.

Steve Schuller - Is this the only model or do they javelina them?

Chris Johnson - I'd hock anything for this shirt.

Chris Johnson - I hear Ned Beatty wears one.

Steve Schuller - Check with your local pig tailor, Chris.

Chris Johnson - I asked my tailor and the bore bristled.

Steve Schuller - Oh, lardy...

John Walkenbach - Normally I'd be ribbin' you, Chris. But when it comes to puns, you have some good chops.

Chris Johnson - A-ham, with you hogging the limelight, it's hard to get a leg up.

Steve Schuller - I'm rooting for you, Chris.

Chris Johnson - No Paul tonight? Maybe he's in the pen for porking tickets.

Steve Schuller - Porking tickets? I never sausage a thing.

John Walkenbach - Paul will shoat up eventually.

Chris Johnson - Maybe Paul can't deal with something so truffle-ing as this.

Chris Johnson - I hear his wife leads him around with a ring through his nose. Sowwweee that smarts.

John Walkenbach - Let's keep him out of the loop and make this a Paul-less thread. Please, nobody squeal.

Chris Johnson - I'm not loin about this.

John Walkenbach - He's probably listening to some music. He really likes Britney Spareribs and Hamma Montana. And, of course, Amy Swinehouse.

Steve Schuller - Yep, they duroc...

Chris Johnson - Hammy Swinette is a favorite too.

Chris Johnson - I hear tell he reads many books by Hammon Cheese. Likes his sty-l.

John Walkenbach - Hammy Swinette. She's a real Babe. I Wilbur n'hell for saying that.

John Walkenbach - Yep, Arm Roast in hell for saying that.

Steve Schuller - You'll be a sizzler; it won't be a picnic.

John Walkenbach - I never sausage bad puns since the last time.

Chris Johnson - I say we're slaughtering the puns now.

Steve Schuller - I've got no beef with that opinion. Or is that too specious to say?

Chris Johnson - I have to get out of this grinder. Oh Steve..inter species puns? This is a dangerous game you play, you have to ox yourself... can I hamdle the clucking that may result.

John Walkenbach - I'll keep the inter-species puns at bay. Can you?

Katharine Klevinskas - snort, snort, I ♥ you guys. 28 Feb 2012

Chris Johnson - My old mam Al, (real name Alice) used to have a whale of a time with puns. That is, until some jackass told her she was barking up the wrong tree. I thought she was purrfect.

John Walkenbach - When the inter-species puns start, I must leave this be hind. Quarter to 7, good time to stop.

Steve Schuller - Off to follow other links?

John Walkenbach - Yes, Patty said I should do that.

Chris Johnson - Just heard from Paul. Unfortunate event while nude sunbathing resulting in a rump roast. I don't think his wife is going to aloe this.

Steve Schuller - He burned his #@^%$ off? He'll have to see a retailer.

John Walkenbach - Depending on how bad the burn was, he might need a hole seller.

Steve Schuller - He won't want to sit still for that, but I suppose he can be suede.

Chris Johnson - oh.. time to hide I see.

Chris Johnson - Now I'm going to barn in hell.

Steve Schuller - Man, 'ure right.

John Walkenbach - Getting too raunchy for me. I must bowel out.

Chris Johnson - might have to cut this short, slop is on.

Steve Schuller - You'll be relieved when you doo.

Chris Johnson - Nice work Steve. You wrecked em

John Walkenbach - All you little chittlin's will regret this in the morning.

Chris Johnson - We're colon down a bit. Pooped out, I suppose

John Walkenbach - Yeah, I'm wiped out. In fact, I'm feeling a bit flushed.

Chris Johnson - Put that in your white paper.

Chris Johnson - I feel like I should apologize to Paul for making him the butt of these jokes. I hope he can put this behind. I feel like an ass.

John Walkenbach - He won't mind. He'll probably crack up.

John Walkenbach - I think he's in California, photographing common birds. He always liked Cali pigeons. And the light it is good - a full moon.

Paul M - Wow, I just stumbled by and sausage great puns here! Of kosher not as good at making puns as me.

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