Horse Puns

Posted on Google Plus. January, 2012

Paul M posted a video about wild horses being discovered in the Tortolita Mountains North of Tucson.

John Walkenbach - They've been there a while, so it must be a stable population.

Brian Peters - Ugh!

Paul M - Uh we go again. That +John Walkenbach is so saddle try to make a pun out of anything.

Paul M - Hay, +John Walkenbach, whinny ya gonna add another one?

Steve Schuller - It's a personality defect; he mustang out with the wrong people.

John Walkenbach - Probably never. You will always rein king of the puns, Paul.

John Walkenbach - I hang out with your buddies, Steve. Any pal of yours is a palomino.

John Walkenbach - BTW, it's a good thing we're having this conversation on line. I have a sore throat and can't talk very well. I'm a quarter hoarse.

Chris Johnson - I'm appaloosa some ground if I don't pony up and get in the race.

Chris Johnson - These contests really stirrup the emotions.

John Walkenbach - Paul should be good at these puns. He used to live in Pennsylvania. Near Filly, I think.

Chris Johnson - I can't horse around here any more. I have to giddy-up and go. I foald, you win by a neck.

Chris Johnson - I'm back. I mare may not have to trot off.

John Walkenbach - Some may think this is a bit lame, but it's a good way to harness creativity.

Paul M - Wow--I've been working, and just came back to find this long trail of puns! I didn't think it would come running out of the gates like this. That was my mane concern. 10:23

Steve Schuller - You've just got to take it with equinimity, Paul.

Bisbo Nian - I tried to get into this race, but my first draft was a little slow out of the gates.

Bisbo Nian - That's all I've got; I'm dun.

John Walkenbach - Hay, I think I'll bale too. I'm no good at this. I'll just bite the billet and leave. I could look up some more words, but that wouldn't be farrier.

Paul M - Ok, I whinny!

John Walkenbach - I'd like to thank all of you chaps for participating.

Peter Lindelauf - Thanks for bringing that plate of horse d'oeuvres.

John Walkenbach - It was a cinch. Lasso but no least (and for what it's girth), we should really flank Paul, my halter ego and the flounder of this thread. His mother reared him properly, and from the day he was barn taught him the ropes. He learned to stick with it -- whithers it's good or bad. Let's give him a hand.

Peter Lindelauf - You look like you been wrote hard and put away wet, boss.

Paul M - I figured you two would be back to stirrup some more trouble.

Chris Johnson - You all are driving me buggy. I carriage you long enough.

Paul M - Was that a back-handed compliment, J-Walk? I hope not. I can't bear back-handed compliments.

John Walkenbach - Stirrup? Using the same word twice is tacky.

Paul M - Sorry. I'd change it, but I canter race what I've already ridden.

John Walkenbach - Well, it won't be there furlong.

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