Duck Puns

Posted on Google Plus. January, 2012

Paul M posted a photo of a Ruddy Duck, and asked: Does the Ruddy Duck fit the bill?

John Walkenbach - I think he's trying to start a duck pun thing. I'm not down with that.

Wendy Colflesh - Pun Things can only be blogged, not webbed.

John Walkenbach - I agree. And besides, puns are not all they're quacked up to be.

Paul M - +John Walkenbach, is this your idea of some kind of web feat?

John Walkenbach - You can't just make an unfounded accusation like that. I call fowl!

John Walkenbach - And besides, you have a poultry amount of evidence against me.

John Walkenbach - No reply. Wormy must be broodling.

Paul M - If I reply, you'll probably just try to teal it.

John Walkenbach - I do what I Muscovy.

Paul M - You really are a professional punster, J-Walk! Me, I'm just a dabbler.

John Walkenbach - Yeah, being a pro gets the chicks.

Paul M - ...wader minute, I'll come up with something soon...

John Walkenbach - Take your time. I won't be Peking in on you.

Paul M - Can't think think of anything. I'll just have to wing it.

John Walkenbach - If you think you can turn this into a pun thread worthy of my new pun site, you're daffy!

Paul M - Anyone think we need to stop this nonsense? Dewey?

John Walkenbach - I don't see anyone flocking to agree with you.

Paul M - By the way, J-Walk, that bit you said about getting all the chicks? What a canard!

John Walkenbach - A, FLAC you!

Paul M - Ok, you win. I'm gonna flyway now.

John Walkenbach - Eider preferred not to use such profanity, but I had no choice.

Paul M - Yep, when there's muck to shovel, you're always the shoveler.

Curtis Wenzel - Waddle you two do when you run out of these stupid pun subjects?

Paul M - I think we're both running out. Are we a grebe on that?

Curtis Wenzel - I wood duck that question, J-Walk.

John Walkenbach - I'm Don. Ald tired puns get boring.

Paul M - Ok, I'm done too. Swan do you guys want to do this again?


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