Dog Puns

Posted on Google Plus. February, 2012

John Walkenbach posted a link to an article about a TV channel for dogs. Shut-in dogs may get a new leash on life. Some won't like, and they'll flea.

Steve Schuller - Mutt you hound us with these doggone puns?

John Walkenbach - I think their target demographic is watch dogs.

John Walkenbach - One of the most popular shows is a game show hosted by Bob Barker.

John Walkenbach - Canine O'Brien is also popular for the late-night dogs.

Paul M - This subject gives me pause about making puns.

Paul M - I wonder if dogs like watching old Home ImpRUFFment reruns.

Steve Schuller - ..or the news on C-Spaniel.

John Walkenbach - Funny, I was just going to say, dogs prefer it to C-SPAN. You'll find the research is true. It's a bitch when someone beats you to pun.

John Walkenbach - I thought we'd already done dog puns, so I didn't want to do it Afghan. But I guess it wouldn't mastiff if we did it again.

Steve Schuller - Don't terrier self up about it.

John Walkenbach - I won't. If I start taking it too seriously, I'll pick up the phone and collie.

John Walkenbach - My doctor told me to settle down and relax. Dis temper of mine needs to be cur tailed.

Steve Schuller - You'll beagle-ad you followed that advice.

John Walkenbach - I just told my buddy, Ray about this thread. He has a pedigree in dog puns. Great God almighty! Ray be's coming!!!

John Walkenbach - Another guy I know, Shep. Heard about it and he'll be coming by.

John Walkenbach - Please don't let this thread rot while yer trying to think of something clever.

John Walkenbach - Your key to contributing is to google 'dog breeds.'

Paul M - Akita contributing is to google dog breeds. Wow, that's profound!

John Walkenbach - Sally was going to contribute, but she got lost. Maybe someone can retrieve 'er.

John Walkenbach - Is this the end? Whelp, it was fun while it lasted.

Paul M - I don't really have a dog in this fight. I just visit this thread every so often to take a Pekingese are some pretty bad puns.

John Walkenbach - Oh well, muzzle toff!

Paul M - Sally isn't lost--she got thrown in jail! Someone needs to springer!

John Walkenbach - Her lawyer will setter down and pointer to the correct choice.

Paul M - Well Irish he'd hurry up!

John Walkenbach - Her lawyer knows what he's doing. Sally is a clever fox. Hounding here won't do any good.

John Walkenbach - I made a few calls and found out why she was arrested: Littering!

John Walkenbach - Her lawyer said, "Don't box 'er in like this. She was just led a stray. Look at the prior law. You have nothing to basset on."

Paul M - Bull! Shih tzu!

John Walkenbach - Puns about poo dil get you nowhere, Paul.

John Walkenbach - It looks like this is the end. I might have to pull the pug on this thread.

Steve Schuller - Got busy elsewhere... sorry I wasn't able to kee pup. Now I can't see howl think of something new.

John Walkenbach - I didn't do well in this round. I got pounded. I'd like to collar a draw, but I clearly lost. For some reason, I'm reminded of Rover Sus Wade.

John Walkenbach - As Aldus Husky once said, "Maybe this world is another planet's hell."

John Walkenbach - Sorry, I was wrong. That quote was by Woofy Allen.

Chris Johnson - Dammit. I was laying down and didn't spot this event. Next time, I'll stay here.

Chris Johnson - I don't know why I'm cairn so much. I hate being left out.

Chris Johnson - I got very sleepy after some chow chow. While dining with my aunt Astrid, great Dane that she is, she reminded me of the time when I was young and my irish setter wiped food off of my schnauzer. I wasn't going to let this food rottweiler laid around.

Steve Schuller - Thread's over folks... you kennel move on now.

Paul M - It was a sad tail indeed.

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