Dentist Puns

Posted on Google Plus. February, 2012

John Walkenbach posted a link to an article about a guy who pulled his own teeth out with a pair of pliers.

John Walkenbach - This guy deserves a crown.

Chris Johnson - Sounds like someone needs to get to the root of his issues.

Jean Provost - Chris did you say that tongue in cheek?

Chris Johnson - Rumor has it he had many plaques.

Chris Johnson - Yes, Jean... I do think my response was somewhat calculus-ating.

John Walkenbach - I know a guy named Al. I'll ask him about the root. Can Al answer it?

John Walkenbach - Al, by the way, is no stranger to punfests. He knows the drill.

John Walkenbach - In fact, Al might be filling in for Paul M.

Chris Johnson - Common wisdom says, if you eye teeth you can extract information.

Paul M - Brace yourselves. J-Walk got me to bite.

John Walkenbach - OK. Nine comments so far. Surely we can do better.

Chris Johnson - Word of caution, once we enter this pun cavity, it's hard to pull out.

John Walkenbach - If you decide to leave, it's your floss, not mine.

Paul M - I like the bonding that these games promote.

Paul M - Sounds like J-Walk is giving Chris the brush off.

John Walkenbach - No, you just like the recognition and trophies. But I guarantee you won't get a plaque for your participation in this one.

Paul M - Very funny. Tarty tartar.

Chris Johnson - I agree Paul. our amalgamated efforts are sharp.

John Walkenbach - Hey Paul, remember that gum I left in your car? I want it back.

Chris Johnson - uvula can get it yourself John.

Paul M - Inci dentally, whatever happened to Al?

Chris Johnson - Al?... the canines got him

Chris Johnson - Left him for the mole-ars

Paul M - Valentines Day is coming up! Anyone ready for a visit from Cuspid?

Chris Johnson - Me and Perry O. are ready

Paul M - Perry O. Donsha?

Chris Johnson - I have a date with my friend Endo Dontics. We're going to look for my roots.

John Walkenbach - Endo or Al?

John Walkenbach - You guys seem to be too eager, and you come up with stupid puns. Just be patient.

Paul M - Or Al? Care to explain?

Chris Johnson - I was planning a fishing trip, but find I don't have the heart to gut a percha.

John Walkenbach - I just noticed that Jean Provost was an early responder. Maybe she can explain my comment about "Or Al." Hi Jean, by the way.

Chris Johnson - Jean's ex, Ray was going take some pictures. He's just too negative.

John Walkenbach - C'mon Jean! Reply. I don't pay you a retainer for nothing.

John Walkenbach - Maybe I can convince Ray to get her to reply. He has some pull.

Chris Johnson - He may have to plier first

Paul M - "You guys seem to be too eager, and you come up with stupid puns. Just be patient." I'll do that, John. Your advice always carries a lot of weight.

John Walkenbach - BTW, if there's a gap in my responses, it's because I've been called to dinner.

Chris Johnson - Damn you Paul.. you're looking stuff up! If you were on the floor, I'd smack you.

Chris Johnson - Saw this pretty girl the other day, she had a cute diastema.

John Walkenbach - That's all for me. I shall retire to the den. 'tis been fun.

Paul M - Aw, spit!

The Madan - Y'all have some nerve carrying on like this.

John Walkenbach - I went to a dentist that I didn't like at all. I just walked out of his office and Novocaine back.

John Walkenbach - By the way, when I archive this thread I plan to be very selective. I'll extract only the good puns. If they're bad, I'll yank 'em.

The Madan - Eye eye cap'n. We defer to your wisdom.

Paul M - John, when you archive these, make sure you wrap the package well and secure it with a good buccal.

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