Deer Puns

Posted on Google Plus. February, 2012

John Walkenbach a photo of a deer that was hanging out in the yard.

Paul M - Maybe she's just trying to have a little fawn.

Paul M - Have I inadvertently started a new pun thread? DOE!

Chris Johnson - Deer Deer Paul, this could get sticky in a hurry. I'd better buck up and get with it.

Paul M - Good points.

John Walkenbach - Here we go again. I think you're getting into a rut.

Chris Johnson - And here we have a late entry by J-walk dragging in his white tail

Paul M - Are you suggesting I high-tail it out of here?

John Walkenbach - Yes. Cud you please clear the room in eight minutes.

Chris Johnson - They're droppings in fast now.

Paul M - Easy, J-Walk. Have a hart!

Chris Johnson - You two are smooth as velvet, I'm gonna knock off and crack open a Cervidae. Maybe a Doe's Equis

Paul M - Think I'm done. I can't come up with anything else, no matter how hard I rack my brain.

John Walkenbach - Somebody else needs to add a comment here. Even if you've never participated in a punfest, you you can take a shot at it.

John Walkenbach - Paul, you shouldn't use all of your good puns immediately. You need a game plan.

Paul M - I feel like I have to come back fast. This game feels just like it's tag. You're it!

John Walkenbach - You've always been a rather impatient fallow.

John Walkenbach - BTW, I've been thinking of taking a trip to Italy. If I leave tonight, I could be in venison Thursday.

Gary Childress - Does puns are pretty bucked up.

John Walkenbach - Paul ran out of puns, so he felt the need to hide.

Paul M - No, I didn't run out. But when ever I send one, you pelt me with more.

John Walkenbach - I knew you'd be gone just fur a while.

Paul M - At this game, J-Walk, you are certainly worth your salt--lick me every time!

John Walkenbach - No, you're the champ, Paul. Once in a blue moose I'm better. But people of your elk are generally better with puns.

Paul M - Oh--you took my next entry! And now I'm running out of time to think of another: tick tick tick tick tick tick...

Paul M - I think we're crossing into the phase where we each run out of puns.

John Walkenbach - The point where it's all you can carry? Boo hoo.

John Walkenbach - By the way, that deer finally left the property, after about 12 hours. Pamn thought it was because of the weather. She asked, "Do you think it will rain, dear?"

Paul M - The deer left? Wa? Piti it didn't stay.

Paul M - So, you're telling us it hung around all day, and then, all of the sudden: BAM! Be gone.

Paul M - I'm done. Time to get get back to my birding book. Cantlern how to identify birds by making dumb puns. At least, that what I herd.

John Walkenbach - Well, it's been nice stalking with you.

John Walkenbach - My aunt learned the hard way. When a punfest is over, don't try to extend it.

Chris Johnson - If you two and going to sit on your red axis and be barking and muleing all night, I'm going to call bull.

Paul M - Some good puns in here. We each deserve a trophy.

John Walkenbach - No, one doesn't get a trophy for typing. You need to do something special like driving a cab in a race -- as in the taxi derby I attended last week end.


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