Cow Puns

Posted on the J-Walk Blog. January, 2011

John Walkenbach posted a photo of a cow using a computer. It was taken in Istanbul.

wormpicker - Istanbull?

J-Walk - What's your beef with my post?

wormpicker - Sorry, didn't mean to steer it in the wrong direction.

J-Walk - An honest misteak.

wormpicker - Nah, I was just ribbing ya.

J-Walk - I over-reacted. Too much calfeine.

wormpicker - Cud you just stop it!

J-Walk - OK, I'll stop. I was just milking it for all it was worth.

wormpicker - ...c'mon, J-Walk. It's your moov...

wormpicker - I've herd enough of this.

J-Walk - I ran out of ideas. If I posted anymore, I'd just be spinning my veals.

J-Walk - Keep it up, wormy. I dairy you.

wormpicker - Now THAT was a Grade A prime reply!

J-Walk - Yep, Grade A. I always go for the best. Just like my new car - a shiny Cattlelac.

wormpicker - Actually, I liked your udder one even more.

Bessie - Is this a private conversation, or may I horn in?

J-Walk - Now that Bessie's here, I'll stop. I'm done with this post -- for heifer and heifer.

wormpicker - Sure, J-Walk. You know, you can run, but you can't hide.

decibelcat - Just hoof it out of here.

J-Walk - Ah, a brand new participant.

wormpicker - Are you suggesting we put this post our to pasture, decibelcat?

wormpicker - Are you suggesting we put this post our out to pasture, decibelcat?

wormpicker - D'OH! A double comment. (now I feel like such a jerky)

J-Walk - You really butchered that one, wormy.

Lamont Dougherty - I'm staying out of this, it's not my ox that has been gored.

wormpicker - Whew! Thanks, J-Walk. Please don't brand me an idiot.

wormpicker - Hey! Someone slaughtered the numbers!

J-Walk - That's offal!

wormpicker - Ok, I'm out. To everyone who contributed, I would just like to say: Well done!

MAYORBOB - Perhaps the cow was downloading moosic.

Bovine Intervention - Dumbest udderences, ever.

Paul - While this has been a veally good subject, it's time to put a steak in the ground and quit yakking before someone minces in and butchers the quality.

banjo brad - Looks like this post is out in left pasture.

Don Coyote - Think I'll skirt being cowed by all of this bullswit.

Dar - You guys are full of bulloney!

Michael S. Dell - I should point out that the cow is using a computer made by Farmer In The Dell.

bundukundu - J-walk, haven't you milked this enough? BTW, is it just my browser, or are all the comments past #23 been butchered?

wormpicker - I wish you people wouldn't prod me to come back to this. I'll be sinew guys later.

Dar - You're a real laughing stock wormy!

J-Walk - wormy's a natural barn comedian.

wormpicker - There's been a range of great comments from all you guys.

J-Walk - I'm tempted to post another comment, but I think I'll take a break and watch another episode of Graze Anatomy.

wormpicker - And J-Walk, you're a real gentle manure are you starting to lose your patience with me?

J-Walk - And besides, I'm hungry. Need to rustle up some grub.

wormpicker - C'mon, now you've suede me back into the conversation.

Bisbonian - I herd this was a stampede of a thread, but I think you are pasture Prime.

wormpicker - I think you're right, Bisbo. I'm afraid we might fill this whole blog up. J-Walk, is there still ruminate?

J-Walk - You just don't under tanned, wormy. I'm done with this.

wormpicker - Well you don't have to stew about it!

Charles H.- I can't compete with this, but it's one of the funniest things I've seen on the internet.

wormpicker - Yes, it's been a rare treat (or at least medium rare). I'm glad we had a chance to hash this out. Everyone who contributed should pattyourself on the back. I could keep doing this till rami. Heck, I bet I could go pastrami. Until we meat again.

J-Walk - I can't compete with this. The problem is that some people post bad puns and just run it into the Ground Chuck.

sfsue - What a great cowlection of comments!

Redwood - Wow. I'm late to the game and all the good ones are already taken. I hate to say it, but stick a fork in this thread. It's done.

J-Walk - Bloody well right, Redwood.

Chuck - What are you talking about. I have never beef or posted a bad pun.

Curtis - I know you guys must be fried after all this, but this thread needs more cow bell.

wormpicker - We don't need your grilling, Curtis.

Chris J. - I really want to compete here, I just don't want to flop.

Chris J. - Here I am again, flanking up the rear of another post. My friend Spencer told me in a New York minute that the cow had already left the barn. I'm headed down to the tenderloin district for some boneless rump.

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