Cheese Puns

Posted on the J-Walk Blog. July, 2011

John Walkenbach posted a link to Wikipedia's list of cheeses: Does it include cottage cheese? No whey!

wormpicker - No whey! Gouda one!

wormpicker - Cheese is a favorite topic of Whitey (aka artcarnie) and his friends. Havarti and gang whey'd in on this yet?

wormpicker - Of all people, J-Walk, I never thought you'd devote a Sunday morning to initiate a serious conversation about cheeses.

J-Walk - Every day is a good day for cheese. Give me a bunch of cheeses and I'll Edam all.

wormpicker - C'mon, people! J-Walk feta bone to us all. Curd someone else please participate?

J-Walk - Don't encourage them, wormy. Just let it brie.

wormpicker - I suppose you're right. Besides, waiting for everyone else is making me Gruyère by the minute.

wormpicker - ...although that could also just be fromage.

J-Walk - I have a friend name Rick who likes cheese. Ricotta read this post.

J-Walk - What music goes well when you're eating cheese? Nat King Cole be my favorite.

wormpicker - Yes! I particularly like his "Straighten Up," Jack.`

J-Walk - I also like to each cheese when I watch the TV. Cheese goes particularly well with The Munsters. It's even good when listening to the radio. Even Rush Limburger is listenable when I'm eating cheese.

wormpicker - Some of my finest cheese memories are from when I traveled through Utah by myself after college. I'll never forget that wonderful cheese meal I ate in Provo 'lone.

Wendy! -Some Oltermanni must be posting. Or Aura you really boldly encouraging us to Herve cheese-y pun post all night Orda. That's a Graviera accusation I know.

J-Walk. - C'mon, Wendy! Speak American.

wormpicker - Cheese whiz, Wendy!

J-Walk - Some people throw multiple puns in a single post. I prefer to finely craft singles.

wormpicker - Maybe you don't like to make multiple puns, but those of us who like to have fondue.

Wendy! - Edam commenters around here are never happy. Just hot air and Rodoric. Douanier have brains?

wormpicker - Douanier have brains? What do you think, Wendy!? Do you think we're all dips? Go ahead, teleme.

Gary - Can't think of a good pun, feeling kind of bleu.

J-Walk - Thanks to everyone who participated. This has been grated.

wormpicker - Yeah, it was a nice string.

J-Walk - Well, I guess that ends it. I'm surprised we didn't hear from Chuck E.

Toad - He's in love.

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