Banjo Puns

Posted on Google Plus. December, 2011

John Walkenbach posted a photo of a No-Knot banjo tailpiece (which sort of resembles a razor) : I remember shaving with one of these.

Jim Dory - usually comes with a nice pot to wash your face in.

John Walkenbach - I use the pot to wash my entire head, not just the face.

Jim Dory - 'specially if the hair is stringy

Paul M - Rim shot...

Bisbo Nian - Only five at a time, though.

Greg Harness - Shaving? What is this barbarism of which you speak?

Paul M - Easy, Greg! John was just telling a tale. Peace.

John Walkenbach - No. Knot true. It's not a tale.

Paul M - Oooh, can't you just feel the tension?

John Walkenbach - Hoop-de-do.

Paul M - If anyone's buying this stuff, I've got a bridge...

John Walkenbach - What a nut!

Paul M - Damn, you took my line! You heel!

John Walkenbach - That's what you get for sticking your neck out.

Paul M - You want some action, buddy?

John Walkenbach - Dude, don't fret. Let it slide.

Paul M - It's just that you're always pickin' on me.

John Walkenbach - Well, you're always hammering on me, so we're even.

Jim Dory - things may escalate - somebody might get choked

Jim Dory - just chuck the dang thing

John Walkenbach - I would, but it's too frail. It might break.

Paul M - This conversation just keeps droning on.

John Walkenbach - If you don't like the conversation, just tuner out.

Paul M - Here in lay the problems: I can't and I won't. (So, you think you can come up with something better? Abalone!)

John Walkenbach - This thread is getting out of hand. We need a coordinator. Rod?

Paul M - Coming up with new puns is getting hard. Where am I gonna get more?

John Walkenbach - On second thought, Rod can't be the coordinator. He's busy with his new girlfriend -- a real dowel.

Paul M - I truss Rod will keep this new girlfriend for a while?

Paul M - Oh no! Did you hear the sad news? Rod wanted to introduce his girl to his dog, Reson. A real tragedy: Resonator.

John Walkenbach - Rod is a bit dyslexic. He downloaded a new tone ring for his phone.

Paul M - After the incident with his girl, all he can think of is is phone?! Why, if I could, I'd go right over to his house, grab that phone out of his hands, and bracket!

John Walkenbach - Truth is, his girlfriend has a job on the side. She hooks.

John Walkenbach - And Wormy has run out of puns. I can make a case that I won this round.

Paul M - Yeah, you win. I'm hopping mad about it, too. If I was a sorcerer, I'd give you a hex, nut!

John Walkenbach - We covered it all. Everything from scoop to nuts.

Paul M - I can't stand this.

Paul M - I think we've continued this conversation long enough. Time to hanger up.

John Walkenbach - It's been very en-Deering.

Paul M - Ome my god, you won't stop, will you!

John Walkenbach - Sure I'll stop. But I had some good laughs. Kind of chuck-a-lee.

Paul M - Will fielding comments from some of the others help you stop?

John Walkenbach - Nothing will make me stop. I have a Reiter in my contract that allows me to post as much as I want.

Paul M - Pretty soon you'lll probably start Stelling your puns from others.

John Walkenbach - I Wunder....

And it continued at the Banjo Hangout

kmwaters - I am just glad they share this stuff - no strings attached.

frailin - Why does everybody keep picking on the banjo?

Paul R - Ome my gawd, so many puns!

DoubleG - Somehow their comments don't resonate the same as they wood if pulled-off here.

hoverflytheo - All this picking on the banjo? I agree it's a sad Tale. Peace!

Clawhammer Clint - Were they talking about a fruitless banjo or a fretful banjo?

LooavulBanjo - Although there were lots of hoops to get through, I thought they were all integral in their arrangement.

banjopogo - Ban "Joe"??? I sure hope they don't outlaw coffee!!!

hoverflytheo -  Is that all? I was expecting some high action!  And if they do outlaw coffee, I suppose we'll all have our heads in the stocks! OK, that's enough. Where's my bill, Miller?

wormpicker - Wow, that's a lot of puns! I can't even keep tab of how many!

eMike - It just shows the Audacity of the folks we pick as our friends. We've got treble right here in River City. It just shows the Audacity of the folks we pick as our friends. We've got treble right here in River City. (Play through Part A twice.) These aren't puns, they are terms of enDeeringment. And many are dumb as a post. It's Amazing how much we are going to have to Slowdowner or we'll run out of anything to fret about.

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