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Item #865489342
Books, Movies, Music:Musical Instruments:Guitars:Electric
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First bid $15,500.00
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Time left 8 days, 4 hours + Location I'm at home LOL!
Country/Region USA
Started Sep-19-02 18:20:48 PDT envelope mail this auction to a friend
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Seller (Rating) guitargod2098@hotmail.com (5) mask
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L@@OK NO RESERVE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Opening bid is only $15,500. That's really cheep! Wait for the pictures to download. It's worth it!!!

DON'T MISS OUT!!! You are bidding on a extremely rare 1951 Fender Stratocastor!!! This is also known as a "STRAT" by some people. 

This is 1 of the originals and it is hard to find!. Collecters wood kill for this guitars! PURE VINTAGE. Only 5-6 of these were ever made!!! This guitar will surely go UP in value!!! IT IS A GREAT INVESTMENT OPPRUTINITY 4U! Own a peace of history!! 

A freind of mine plugged it in (using a vintage amp!!) and everything worksjust  fine. It's really loud! LOL. You have never ever heard a betters sounding giutar or a louder one either. It is MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT!!! Did I say MINT???

Eric Clamton plays Fender strats! If you by this guitar, you will sound just like he does!! Also Jimmy Hendrickson uses these types of giutras when he plays on his CDs.

Ladys: By this for your husband. Then he will love you! LOL.


And you can also go to my HOME PAGE to find out more about me, the GUITAR GOD!


* A REAL FEDNER "STRAT". Not a fake Fender like some you see. 

* It is made in the good ole US of A (not the cheap worthless crap they make in Mexico or Japan)

* 100% original! Nuthing has ben changed on it!

* Unique VERY VERY RARE green color. BAEUTIFUL! All original paint jobs with no "touch up" work!!

* It is perfect for any type of music you like, from classical (yuk!) to heavy metal (yeah!). Even surf music. And rap too, I think (I hate rap LOL).

* One owner!! That's all. It was my grandaddy. And it has been taken care of real well (he always took care of his stuff!). Well, two owners if you count me!! LOL!

* Authentic wood body (not hollow!). IF YOU KNOW GIUTARS, THAN YOU NO THAT IS VERY RARE TO FIND! Some guirtas are made out of cheap plastic!

* Long brown neck (also wood) with all-metal frets! Not rusted! And no fret ware!!

* White dots on some of the frets. ???????

* Six strings. Here's some trivia for you: Some gituras have 12 strings, and base guitars have only 4!!

* Six metal knobs at the end of the neck -- one for each string! Turn them with your finger to change the sounds!.

* Three pickups with a selector switch! Three pickups makes it very loud!! Some non-vintage guitars only have two pickups. They are not as loud.

* Two volumn knobs (both of them go up to 10). Turn them both all the way up if you REALLY want it loud!! LOL  See the picture, right below.

* It also has a handy metal handle near the end of the strings that you can use to carry it around (not sure what you call it). See the picture right above.

* Free guitar pick included!! I think the pick was used by the guy in Metalica, but I'm not sure. Anyway it's a good white one (white picks sound the best!).

* It even comes with a handy mirror on the back (for checking your hair LOL), and has all four screws (see picture). And they are very very tight!


In a word: Perfect condition! Well, one string broke after I took the pictures, but I think it can be fixed if your handy around the house. Maybe with some solder. It don't have hardly any scratches on it and everyhting is in real good shape. The mirror could prolly use some Windex on it  It's like brand new condition, but it's relly old! And, it's a real Fender. Did I say VINTAGE?? Did I say MINT? Just want to be sure.

Lets talk about age!

OK, this is the year 2002 and this gitrar was made in the year 1951, so that makes it what? 63 years old, or something like that! Its aintchint -- but when your speeking about giutars the older the better. U can just remember this simpel rule: OLD = vInTaGe!!!


OK, here's the story behind this wonderful and historical and VALUABLE giutar. I'll be the first to admit I don't know squat about guitars. I took trombone for awhile but I didn't like it much. But my granddady did no about guirtas. He was a musician before he went to the hospital (and never came home!). He even played in some bands and I think he was on TV or maybe the radio -- one of them. 

Andyway, A few weeks ago gramma asked me to clean out her attick. I says, Sure, OK I'll do it 'cause I didn't have anything else to do. Why not? So I was cleaning out old boxes and clothes and stuff and found this FENDER STRAT!!! I ask gramma if I could have it and she says, yeah sure I don't want it it's prolly no good anyways. She said grandaddy bought it a long time ago but she didn't remember exactly when (her memory is not too good! LOL). So I took it and here it is! And she was wrong. It is good 'cuz it's a real Fender stratocastor! And it's really old (old giutars are worth more then brand new ones!) DID I SAY VINTAGE!!


OK. Some people might not belive me when I say that this is really a authenitcated  and VALUABLE historical 1951 Fender Strat (VINTAGE)!!! Well, I took it to a guy I know (named Bob Jones, sometimes called "Sparky") who is an expert on guitars. Hhe actually plays drums in a band and has about a million CDs!! Once he met a guy who knew someone who was a cousin of the girlfriend of one of the guys in Green Day!. So he DOES no what he's talking about!  He looked it over real careful, strummed on it, turned those six keys, looked in the mirror, looked at some books, and then apprised this guitar at a value of $35,000!!! He even signed an affidavid, which is in the picture below.

I can't be sure of this (cuz it's so old) but somebody else toll me this giutar may have been made by the guy who started up the Fender company -- Freddy Fender himself!!! I won't sware to it, but I'm pretty sure it's true.

You can check the cereal number for yourselv (each guitar has its own cereal number. No two are the same!). There are books that have those number in it I think. I even took a picture for you! Proof!


OK, I really don't want to sell this beautiful peace of  historical VINTAGE history, because I no it will just get more and more valuable as time goes on. But I have to sell it and I'll never learn how to play it anyways (I couldnt even learn a trombone!). Things haven't been too good around here since I left school. Let's just say I did some things I shouldn't a did and now a prole officer is involved!! No I'm not in jail. LOL!! 

The original gig bag (also VINTAGE and also historical) is also for sale for only $400 extra This VINTAGE guitar was made way before they even invented actual guitar cases!!.All they had back then was gig bags. Sorry - I forgot to take a picture of the gig bag, but it's a real good gig bag! For those who don't know, a gig is when you go out and play in a band. You carry your guitar to a gig using a gig bag!  If you don't play a band you may not even need a gig bag!!! But you should by it anyways just to be safe.

I no you all have lots of questions about this authentic PEASE OF USA HISTORY. Sorry but I really can't answer any of your questions about this guitar. Like I said I don't know jack squat about giutars. Plus my AOL doesn't work too good anymore since my mom's boyfriend put some new software on it!!!. 

Also, you can just  ignore those five negative feedback ratings I got from other auctions! It's a long story! I'm a honest person and I wouldn't rip anybody off!!!. Really I am!!! Those people are just idiots who don't really udnerstand VITNAGE GUITARS!! 

The spinning guitar is 
not the actual giutar thats 
for sale! Just a kewl picture 
I found on the INTERNET!
The guitar thats for sale

If you by this guitar you will have to pays the actual shipping and handeling costs which is exatcly $350 ($450 if you are in Candada or Alaska or Hawiai or New Mexico or any other place that is not part of the US of A!). 

CASH ONLY!!! I don't no what paypal is, but a lot of the other auctions use it so it must be good!. 


And also go to my HOME PAGE  to learn all about myself!!....... 

Item # 865489342
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