"Web Designs and Writing
 by M

The Guitar God

1. Well, come to my web site! 

2. Welcome to my web site!


Believe it or not those to sentences right above this are not the same. They may sound the same when you say them out loud, but please look at the beginning word(s) of the sentence(s). They are not the same! Even so, both are true. I want you to come to my web site, and you are also welcome to come here.


*** NEW CLIENT!! ***

I am pleased to anounce that I have a new cleint: PARTY TENT CITY!  I designed the entire sight by myself. I think that sales will increase now.

To see the new sight of my client click on this "link":  THE NEW SIGHT


Company Profile

My name is Myrtle McNeedle, and I have a way with words and a keen sense for graphical design and beauty. That's why my company is named Web Designs and Writing by Myrtle. This company has two specialities:

To see some of my web site creations, click here. And to read some of my writngs, click here.

These skill I have all learned on my own and I have very little "formal" education! My boyfriend Todd (who also has his very own web sight which I designed!) tole me that the law says you can quit school when you turn 16. So I just followed the law and did it!!!

Personal information

Lots of people are curius about the woman behind the company: Myrtle McNeedle. I am the president, vice president, owner, and secretary, all rolled into one. Pleased to make your aquanitance! 

The picture that you see is not actually me (although Ive been told that my eyes are like hers). Most of the pictures of me are taken from my "bad side" (everybody has a good side and also a bad side when it comes to photogrophy). I hope put up a real  picture of me that is more flattering soon.

I am 20 years old, female, white, and single.  But I do have a boyfriend who is named Todd. I am about 5 foot 4 inches tall and I won't tell you how much my weight is (WOMAN DONT HAVE TO TELL!!). But I am slightly overweight, but not really too much (I have large bones, they say). My hair is pretty short which makes it easy because it is less hair to wash and dry.  Oh yeah, I also have a baby, who is about 2 years old. Most of the time he stays with his gramma. Babies are a lot of work, did you know that?

What I Like and Dont Like

Enough business talk! I happen to think that you can learn alot about a person just by knowing the things that they like and the thinks that they dont like. So here is mine:

Here's what I LIKE Here's What I DON'T like
Art and litrature including musiums Changing diapers
Cuddly kittens and small cats Crying babies
Flowers and poetry Childbirth!!! The WORST!
Valentines DAY!! Periods
My Birthday which is June 3 (hint! hint!) Supper without a nice desert
Puppy dogs, if there fluffy and don't stink People who blow there noses on a napkin while eating at a fancy restaraunt
Romantic walks on the beach (I havent actually been to a beach but I think I wood like it) The high cost of living, especially food and grocerys
Handsome men with good table manners and who do things like opening doors Guys who are shorter than me (I LIKE TO WEAR HI HEELS!!)
Gourmet Food, especially Lasagna! And chile! ANd spagetti too! Anything of the ITALIAN quiseen is good. Guys who say they love me just so they can have there way with me
Romantic love songs, but not if they have a acordian. Tight Braseers!!
Walking in the park with a hansome man. I must actually know the man. A stranger wont do. Stubbing my toes
MORE TO COME SO STAY TUNED Stinky Outhouses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!