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The Mezzanine (1988)

In a word: incredible. Nicholson Baker at his best. This book may hold the record for the most footnotes in a work of fiction.

Opening Sentence:

At almost one o-clock I entered the lobby of the building where I worked and turned toward the elevators, carrying a black Penguin paperback and a small white CVS bag, its receipt stapled over the top.

Book Jacket Copy:

Although most of the action of The Mezzanine occurs on the escalator of an office building, where its narrator is returning to work after buying shoelace, this startlingly inventive and witty novel takes us farther than most fiction written today. It lends to milk cartons the associative richness of Marcel Proust's madeleines. It names the eight most significant advances in a human life - beginning with shoe typing. It asks whether the hot air blowers in bathrooms really are more sanitary than towels. And it casts a dazzling light on our revelations with the objects and people we usually take for granted.